Friday, June 6, 2008

crazy monkey

crazy monkey
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Well my name is jakil Johnson. I like to play football matter fact I played football for the Inglewood jets for 4 years. I was the tie in and went to the play off’s for 2 year. I go to at Richard Merkin middle school. When I don’t play football I draw carton character and write poems when don’t have nothing to do. The poems I write are love, and funny pomes. And I play videos games, mostly car games. I am smart I am really good in math. I skate board for fun. And I’m cool.


Joe said...

I like your crazy monkey.

=] said...

wow i never would of thought that one of the main things you like to do is write poems that cool... and you really play football i thought you were kidding but i guess not but i like that you wrote down what yu are really interested in

writtin by dajanai johnson

*_Jacky_* said...

why do you call your slef crazy monkey. i never thought you would like to write poems that's crazy.

written by:jasmne sharp